An essay about smoking should be banned

An essay about smoking should be banned

Soon smoking begins to affect the health of the smoker. This is usually done to discourage people from smoking. It is ironic that despite the fact that every smoker is aware of the ill effects of smoking, he does not give it up. Despite the warnings given by doctors about the ill-effects of smoking, people continue to smoke. Yet smokers continue to be slaves of this habit and often spend a substantial part of their earnings on cigarettes. Smoking can be stopped by a strong will power and every person has the capacity to give it up once he sets his mind at doing so. Smokers are addicted to it, and even if they want to, they cannot refrain from picking up a cigar or cigarette and puffing away.

Every packet of cigars or cigarettes has a warning inscribed in it: cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Honestly, with just a month's preparation using IELTS official guide only, I was able to getHi IELTS buddy, First I wanna say thank you for the last time you helped me. He becomes a chain-smoker. Smoking has become very common and fashionable, especially among young boys. This smoke is toxic and the nicotine in the cigarette is known to cause cancer.

Nowadays it is possible to use computers and mobile phones for automatic language translation, and there is no need for human translators and interpreters. Yet the smoker never reads this warning and even if he reads it he never pays heed to it. Several puffs lead to the formation of a habit. In the beginning, a teenager may take a few puffs from his friend's cigarette then comes a time when it becomes an indispensable part of his life. Some youngsters smoke for the sake of society and some feel that would make them appear liberated and broadminded.

Cigarette advertisements lure people into smoking and most active smokers cause a great deal of harm to passive smokers as well. This time I have Your advice is really helpful and I really appreciate it. We offer cheap writing services yet pride in one of the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. An essay about smoking should be banned.

The government raises the price of tobacco every year. Smokers force the members of their family to bear the ill effects of the smoke that they exhale. Secured overall band 8 on IELTS. Tobacco companies are doing very well all over the world. This habit usually begins at school when boys try to experiment with every new thing that they can lay their hands on.

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