A p analysis essay

A p analysis essay

This solution is dangerous because such a government might throw its power behind a group in society working against the public good. To assure such independence, no one branch should have too much power in selecting members of the other two branches. If the new plan of government is adopted, Madison hopes that the men elected to office will be wise and good men, ­ the best of America. Madison defines factions as groups of people who gather together to protect and promote their special economic interests and political opinions. The framers established a representative form of government, a government in which the many elect the few who govern. There are only two ways to remove the causes of a faction: destroy liberty or give every citizen the same opinions, passions, and interests. In our country, the authority to govern comes from the entire society.

That is why the framers divided the Congress into two branches, the House of Representatives and the Senate, and provided for a different method of election in each branch. In the republican form of government, the legislative branch tends to be the most powerful. Unfortunately, all men are imperfect, the rulers and the ruled. Justice is the purpose of government and civil society. Further safeguards against legislative tyranny may be necessary. Begins his famous federalist paper by explaining that the purpose of this essay is to help the readers understand how the structure of the proposed government makes liberty possible. In a representative democracy it is not only important to guard against the oppression of rulers, it is equally important to guard against the injustice which may be inflicted by certain citizens or groups. The first is impossible. Destroying liberty is a cure worse then the disease itself, and the second is impracticable. Dividing power helps to check its growth in any one direction, but power cannot be divided absolutely equally. The likelihood that public office will be held by qualified men is greater in large countries because there will be more representatives chosen by a greater number of citizens. Such a will is larger than, and independent of, the simple majority.

This makes it very difficult for one group to dominate or threaten the minority groups. The Office of Student Life Disability Services has officially moved in to 598 Baker Hall. And the condition of anarchy tempts even strong individuals and groups to submit to any form of government, no matter how bad, which they hope will protect them as well as the weak. However, the possibility of this happening in a large country, such as the United States, is greatly reduced. The best security against a gradual concentration of power in any one branch is to provide constitutional safeguards that would make such concentration difficult. This makes it more difficult for the candidates to deceive the people. Majorities often threaten the rights of minorities. The first is to construct a powerful government, a community will. Student Life Disability Services collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life. We may not like to admit that men abuse power, but the very need for government itself proves they do: if men were angels, no government would be necessary. The causes of factions are thus part of the nature of man and we must deal with their effects and accept their existence. In addition, under the Constitution society is divided into many groups of people who hold different views and have different interests.

A p analysis essay. To Madison, there are only two ways to control a faction: to remove its causes and to control its effects. There are only two methods of avoiding evil. Judges should have great ability, but also be free of political pressures. The government created by the Constitution controls the damage caused by such factions. Since federal judges are appointed for life, their thinking will not be influenced by the president who appoints them, nor the senators whose consent the president will seek. The state governments have not succeeded in solving this problem in fact, the situation is so problematic that people are disillusioned with all politicians and blame government for their problems. Consequently, a form of popular government that can deal successfully with this problem has a great deal to recommend it. The members of each branch should not be too dependent on the members of the other two branches in the determination of their salaries. If government allows or encourages strong groups to combine together against the weak, liberty will be lost and anarchy will result. In particular, the judicial branch would suffer because the average person is not aware of the qualifications judges should possess. The dependence of the government on the will of the people is undoubtedly the best control, but experience teaches that other controls are necessary. Men who are members of particular factions, or who have prejudices or evil motives might manage, by intrigue or corruption, to win elections and then betray the interests of the people.

But the framers recognized certain practical difficulties in making every office elective. Madison begins perhaps the most famous of the Federalist papers by stating that one of the strongest arguments in favor of the Constitution is the fact that it establishes a government capable of controlling the violence and damage caused by factions. This is because the strongest and largest faction dominates, and there is no way to protect weak factions against the actions of an obnoxious individual or a strong majority. Both supporters and opponents of the plan are concerned with the political instability produced by rival factions. Direct democracies cannot effectively protect personal and property rights and have always been characterized by conflict. Each branch should be, in Madison s opinion, mostly independent. Theoretically, those who govern should be the least likely to sacrifice the public good to temporary condition, but the opposite might happen. Watch our Overview Video to learn more about our mission and available services. Although these factions are at odds with each other, they frequently work against the public interest, and infringe upon the rights of others. Representative government is needed in large countries, not to protect the people from the tyranny of the few, but to guard against the rule of the mob. Consequently, the great problem in framing a government is that the government must be able to control the people, but equally important, must be forced to control itself. The constitutional rights of all must check one man s personal interests and ambitions.

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